jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012

What do you know about White Lake?

2010_06_0664.JPGWork along White Lake included restoring wetlands, controlling nuisance plant species and planting native species to increase diversity. Grasses along the shoreline are seen at Whitehall's Svensson Park in this file photo. Svensson Park was one of the projects' seven sites of focus.
Muskegon Conservation District and the White Lake Public Advisory Council are conducting a survey to measure how effective their public education programs about restoring habitat along White Lake were.
The survey is very similar to one conducted before the habitat restoration program started, Muskegon Conservation District Project Manager Dallas Goldberg said, to gauge if education programs about invasive species, shoreline softening and White Lake’s environmental challenges were effective.
“If our end survey shows, for instance, that phragmites is an invasive species that people don’t understand, then we need to do more education,” he said.
The survey can be accessed through www.muskegoncd.org/whitelakepac